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You can use your National Tutoring Programme funding to get a tuition partner, who will arrange tutoring for your pupils in school or online.

This service will help match you with a partner who meets your requirements from the full list of quality-assured tuition partners.

What is a quality-assured tuition partner?
The tuition partners shown on this service have met the standards required by our quality assurance process. This process is to ensure quality tuition is delivered and includes safeguarding checks.

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Other tutoring options

You can use your National Tutoring Programme funding to mix and match tutoring options.

Academic mentors

Select your own candidate or apply to a central agency for an academic mentor. You’ll employ them full-time to focus on individual and small-group tuition.

School-led tutoring

Select and employ your own tutors directly, for example current members of staff, retired teachers, parents or supply teachers.

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